(1) World Visa Agent Membership Unit

$10,000.00 $1.00

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The World Visa Agent Membership is designed as follows:

The World Visa Membership Unit has a value of US$10,000.00 to purchase reduced to US$1.00 for Visa Agent Members (the “World Visa Agents”).

World Visa Agents must be able to market the Partnership’s World Entrepreneur Visas to its proposed World Visa Members for a remuneration fee of 8% value of the Members World Visa Cost which has a basic value of US$500,000.00 including the US$10,000.00 initial Unit Purchase Cost to cover the World Visa Establishment.

The World Visa Agent Membership permits Visa Agents to participate with the Partnership in a Joint Venture to eventually obtain Visa / Citizenship with family in all the following initial Countries by way of a Fast Track Visa with Reciprocal Rights subject to maintaining the Agent Business for 12 months under the Joint Venture and shown in the World Visa Agent Documentation above (the “Joint Venture”):

Australia, British Turks & Caicos Islands – Caribbean (TCI), Canada, Guam (USA) – [Philippines Sea / North Pacific Sea], Hong Kong, Mexico, USA and Vanuatu Islands – [South Pacific Ocean].

The Joint Venture provides World Visa Agent Membership with a US$100,000.00 Venture Capital Funding Float from the Partnership to assist the Joint Venture market the Partnership Immigrant Visa Investors with a Fast Track Entrepreneur Visas as set out in the Partnership’s Website (the “Fast Track Visa”).​

The Fast Track Visa is designed to provide a Partnership family Home in the Country of Choice through a Temporary Visa while earning an income stream with Management or Employment Salary at a minimum cost of US$500,000.00.

The US$500,000 or more Investment must be made through the Partnership’s nominated Hong Kong Trustee less the Partnership Membership Unit Cost below.

The Trustee shall act as Custodian to guarantee Visa Investments are made to the Partnership’s Bank Holding Company in Florida, USA (“World Holdings Corporation”) for establishing the International Private Bank Branches for adding to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Each Country of Choice.


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