Miami Florida: The Partnership offers its Visa Members a Home, a Business / Employment and a Fast Track Visa with Partnership’s Venture Capital Funding at a nominal cost of an EB-5 Visa!

The Miami, Florida Visa heading above for the USA may also apply to Visa Members with the desire to resettle by way of Immigrant Visa Investors in Australia, Canada, USA  or any of the other Island Business Resort Countries offered at the “Island Visa Fast Tracks” Link above.

The World Visa Express is a subsidiary of the World Export Group LP, an incorporated Limited Partnership Registered in Sydney, NSW, Australia ILP0000053 (the Partnership”). The Partnership operates globally through the General Partner, World Investments, which includes a World Visa Express Membership Shop:

The World Export Group LP principal Business is the creation of many Joint Ventures with its Immigrant Visa Investors to bring innovative products and Business Ventures to the end Country of Choice as Entrepreneur Visas. The Entrepreneur Visa Investors are recognised by many major Countries as a Fast Track mode in obtaining Investment Visa Citizens through financially sustainable Immigrant Visa Investor through innovative or profitable business’ .

The World Visa Express product takes the form of providing a Government Permanent Visa once all Government qualifications are met by Visa Members with the assistance of the Partnership in providing an initial Temporary Entrepreneur World Visa to match Government Entrepreneur Temporary Visa.  The Entrepreneur Temporary World Visa incorporates a Partnership’s Joint Venture including Partnership Venture Capital Funding (the “Joint Venture Funding”).

The Joint Venture Funding permits the Partnership to provide the stated Permanent Visa to Visa Members with a source of income through an added business or Venture / employment or dividends, which includes a Home during the early days of the Government Permanent Visa.

Full details of an Entrepreneur Visa are outlined through this website: Right Click adjacent Image to Enlarge as a Visa guide in a New Window! Close to return to this page.

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